Why Blogspot.in shut down? How 4 Million users are effected?

Why is Blogspot.in shut down? How are 4 Million users affected?

From the updated google news, If you are a 5 years old blogger then forget about your sites that are under blogger.in domain. If you go with Blogspot.in the page shows an error. Yes, Google has not shown interest or forget to renew the domain (blogspot.in). 

Blogspot.in was started in 2012. The reason .in you know that for specially Indian bloggers. These domains have to be renewed in 2020. And Google has declined to renew it. Because someone has registered the same domain (Blogspot.in) and kept it for sale 5999$ for INR4,95,000.

More than 4 million users have created websites under Blogspot.in 2012. So 4000000 users are lost their websites some of the ranked websites. Some of the users' earnings are good. But now, At least your website is 5 Years old then forget about it. Indian domain company only purchased that domain on June 24. 

Name of Domain : blogspot.in
Registry Domain ID is : DE2DC9C0E8E694C28ADEF0F444F121B45-IN
Registrar URL is : www.domainming.com
Updated on Date : 2020 - 06 - 29T20:00:06Z
Creation on Date : 2020 - 06 - 24T20:00:05Z
Registry Expiry on Date: 2021 - 06 - 24T20:00:05Z
Domain Status is : inactive

Why blogspot.in not opening? Blogspot websites not showing? - winsomeismail.com

Now Blogspot.in the domain is purchased by domainming.com which is an Indian company only.

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Blogger.com users can see the new interface or use it now. But if you want the old interface it can be available by august 24. By clicking Revert to Legacy Blogger you can flip the old interface. Check the below image.

Why blogspot.in not opening? Blogspot websites not showing? - winsomeismail.com

Before closed blogspot.com it's better for you to shift to WordPress or any other platform. Don't worry now before taking a decision google will announce or notify you 5 months in advance.

Generally, Google products always look for any new updates. Like Google +, YouTube, Gmail, and blogger. Before they update or remove they first intimate users by email or notifications.

If you are able to login in further then take a backup then do the next step. Don't worry blogger.com users. It's working now.

According to Whois(website), Blogspot.in is taken under by domain service provider. 

We hope Google will take and handover this domain as soon as possible.

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