Top 9 Popular Social Platforms to gain free traffic for your blog posts

Top 9 Popular Social Platforms to gain free traffic for your blog posts

Top 9 Popular Social Platforms to gain free traffic for your blog posts

You have created and published your post. Though all content is unique and keywords are optimized but not getting traffic on your blog, Is this your problem?

If yes, That's why you are here.

Hello there, As I am a beginner I faced the same. After all, I decided to reach my content through social media directly. Because day by day increasing huge features in social media. People are trying to find instant solutions to their questions on social media itself without moving to another window. So that I list out the topmost social marketing websites that actually you can share your content for free and I am doing the same below.


Nowadays who doesn't know Facebook? Minors also opened their Facebook accounts with fake details. Facebook has 1.6 billion daily active users. The first and topmost social media website is Facebook to share your content for free. So, think about the traffic? Follow us below to grow your blog traffic.

Sharing post: After completing, your blog post just goes "Write something here" and paste 50 words of short content with the post image then publish.

Create a fan page: As you know, If you are a consistent blogger. Your Facebook page helps more and makes your audience together those who are interested in your blog and they wanna learn, what is a blog?

Interacting with Facebook followers: Be engaged with followers and friends who raise queries regarding the blog.

Direct Websites Shares: Along with chatting or discussing about blogging just share your blog home page with them.

Posting on Facebook groups: Join some of the page book groups which have a huge community and share posts (morning and evening)

Publish blog posts with big images: Create Facebook cover images with the big title of your post.

Make your blog short to jump into your website: Always your post should be short and clickable to read what might be next.

Ask questions: Ask questions as quizzes or answer those who already asked questions.

Create ad campaign (Need Investments): Google Adwords, Facebook ads are the advertisement platforms to reach your blog to an interested audience.


Always first and done previously. That is WhatsApp. What I mean is your last and first application is Whatsapp. Limited audience but more chances to visit your blog post.

Whatsapp status: Keep status with 700 characters along with the link.
Create a Group of 256 members: Here you can create a WhatsApp group to share with all your friends with a single click.
Join similar groups: Join similar Whatsapp groups. You will find group links on the internet.


Linkedin is a Profession social media platform. So, your blog needs to be unique and responsive content. Take a time to post articles on LinkedIn.

  • Post daily and maintain consistency (Use #HashTags)
  • Grow your connections (You can make connections free up to 30000)
  • Follow Groups
  • Create pulse (Like group)
  • Optimize your profile as a Professional


Instagram 500 million active users. Overall 1Billion active users in a month. So that Instagram is one of the best to promote your blog post.

Post by a screenshot (Mention Link In Description or Swipe Up if 10K followers)
Give value to followers
Use swipe up and Learn more link posts
Use themes: Use a colorful theme for your timeline.
Consistency: Make the above following daily.


As per Pinterest's latest report, they have 322 million worldwide active users. 

Create Multiple Boards (Categories related to the blog)
Creative Images: Use canva to create Pinterest images
Image Description: Make the description clear and provide half value.
Use article pins: Pin images
Engage audience on Pinterest


Twitter has the power of 330 million active users monthly base.

  • Tweet the links more than once (Means two links for one blog post)
  • Repurpose your blog post with an image
  • Include Hash Tags


YouTube marketing is nothing but all about Video presentation. Upload your videos and mention blog links in the description.

  • Do clickbait headlines 
  • Optimize video with SEO
  • Mention your blog link in the description
  • Engage with subscribers about what they actually want
  • Attractive thumbnail
  • Create playlist


Medium is a data-based website, that allows you to write a story with images and other multimedia. It is one of the best ways to optimize your content. It helps your blog to drive more traffic. So, start following this way.

  • Write your blog post as a story
  • Make your title clickable
  • Write a blog with an image


Quora is the number one platform to share your content. It is a question-and-answering platform. So you will find different questions on different products. You can grab the content or share it. Quora is there for your blog, do as better you can. 

Choosing a question regarding your blog: You'll find a search bar there type your question then enter. A list of questions will appear some of them not answered. Find like and paste your blog content if the question is relevant to your blog post. Include blog post link as more.
Answering it: Answer all questions. One link for 4 or 5 answers. Otherwise, quora's account might be banned.
Format your answer (As eye-catching): Use Bold, Italy, and Underlined in your content. 

These are all the 9 social media platforms that actually you can grow your content fast. Successful bloggers also have done the same and still doing well. Finally let me know if, Is this post helpful or not? Comment below. Thanks for reading.

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