MNC Companies interview questions for, MBA, CA, IPCC, PGDM students

MNC companies interview questions for, MBA, CA, IPCC, and PGDM students

MNC Comanies interview questions for, MBA, CA, IPCC, PGDM students
MNC companies interview questions for, MBA, CA, IPCC, and PGDM students

Hey there, Looking for a Job? Just a moment

Because I don’t know how many of you are interested to get a job as a fresher to start your career. If you graduated or Master's graduated with a commerce background and don’t know what topics and how to be prepared for the interview. Then I might be a helpful person. Hello, I am Ismail, Done a Master's in MBA and job holder in one of the MNCs as a Data Researcher.

So, If you are looking for a job as a fresher or a job change with your financial background like, MBA, PGDM, CA & IPCC you can take the service here. Because I too struggle before the job. That's the reason you are here on the page. I have prepared Interview Questions, Do you know the key frame of getting the job?

A set of Questions are most important than answers because it makes you clarity in the framework at any point. In the downloadable file, I clearly started with basic financial term questions on topics wise. So let's make the discussion about Important Questions for Investment Banking Companies like Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Factset, CITCO, State Street, Shore, S&P Global (Standard and Poors), Inter Trust, ICE, IBM, HCL, Genpact, FT( Franklin Templeton), EY( Ernst & Young), etc,. 

Before you dip into the set of questions, let's confirm with you first. The questions list is not completely free. We charge a minimal amount by keeping in mind from students' side.

I know after qualifications you might have faced or have been facing a lot of struggles. Getting a job without placement is turned into "No way". Investment Banking courses and consultants are to teach the same topics which we covered in topics wise questions list. 

As you know well, No other websites are provided straight Interview Questions. So Let's make you clear with my real story. After completing my master 2022. Then, Started applying for job posts in Naukri, indeed job portals. I wasn't able to decide even which company will make me suitable to start my career and what should I prepare for interviews. 

Immediately started digging to find important questions but I didn't catch the straight questions for the particular company. Finally, I joined a consultancy that costs me 35,000₹ and there I noticed that the consultancy Prepared a set of questions that mostly cover Basic to Advance level financial questions. At that time I realized and came to clarify my interview framework. Started preparation and got placed in 15 Days

Here you are going to save your valuable time and money. In this sense 30K for investment banking consultancy fee and time to collect the questions which really make you mentally stupid.

What questions are going to share with you guys for only 1,199₹. To negotiate to write a mail us. Click here to mail. The file contains as follows below:
  • Top 12 MNC companies questions list (As discussed the above companies)
  • Topic wise questions
  • Company wise questions
  • Revision Questions
  • HR Numbers (Call them Directly and Send you CV/Resume)
  • Homework
  • Adv Excel package file
  • Do's and Don'ts tips in Interview 
For your refreshment, the questions and topics covered like Mutual Funds, Corporate Actions, Derivatives, Ratios, and Accounting, Primary & Secondary markets, Forex Trading, Bonds, Fixed Income Derivatives, Fund Accounting, Private Equity & Hedge funds, etc. Overall from Basic to Advance Level Questions.
Already, 2 Satisfied and up-counting students after seeing the Interview Questions realized that really help them to get the job. 

So the file is more worthy than your expectations. So, Make a Payment of just ₹1,199 now and get the download file link. Write a mail for price negotiation. Click on the PAY NOW button. Thanks for your support and please share your feedback in the comments below. If changes are required please write mail us at

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