How to earn money from webinar - 3 Easy Ways to Boost Profits and Monetize Your Knowledge

How to Earn Money with Webinars: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Profits and Monetize Your Knowledge

How to earn money from webinar - 3 Easy Ways to Boost Profits and Monetize Your Knowledge

Webinars may be the perfect suitable for marketing and generating sales. Seriously if you are looking for a way to increase your profits and you are capable to show your skills where you are expertise and acknowledged then it will be to your advantage.

    There is no specific way to generate online course sales. Email marketing hardly creates 3 to 5 percent, while webinar can give you result up to 15 or more than 15 percent. This means if you have 100 people in your webinar online meeting there will be a chance to get convinced 15 persons of them, depending on how your skills will require them.

    In this article, we are going to learn three easy ways to make money with webinars. Also covered are some of the best webinar practices so that you can boost your expectation to maximize earnings. Seems sounds good, right?

    Great! Let’s dive into the main content part.

    I’ll cover the first three easy ways to earn money with webinars. Those are

    • Paid webinars
    • Product demo webinars
    • Through webinars promoting an online course

    Paid webinars

    The direct way to make money from webinars is to charge with entry fee for your live webinars, and online events. People will thousands of money to learn about particular topics if they are seriously interested. Until you are experts in a specific niche and capable to prove that you are a good source of information.

    Product demo webinars

    Always try to bring and provide value to the audience so that the strategies might work perfectly for you. Don’t do these webinars unless you or your company has a product to sell.  Since sales are the essential target of a product demo webinar.

    Webinars promoting an online course

    If you don’t sell products and you might have online courses and thinking to make sales online courses through webinars. Then planning webinars only will help you to reach a new targeted audience and this is one of the other methods to monetize your knowledge.

     Note: While doing any webinar, make sure you are planning to answer Q&A Section at the end of webinars. And after the webinar uses their emails to send the playback of the webinar session and let them remind the sales of the product or course.

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    How do actually webinars work?

    As you know webinars are live activities that people will sign up for and join digitally to attend live sessions. The most webinar consists of one performer along with some presentations like sharing screen and PowerPoint where he wants to teach an audience with his prepared content.

    In the live sessions, your viewers can see and hear you and the audience feel closer to you. It builds trust, and not necessarily always will be a stranger on the internet.

    How to get Sign up from people for your webinar

    Here is one thing I am reminding you guys that all about the structure I am discussing in this blog for a successful webinar. So, the most important point to be succussed through webinars is a presentation only. These are the Webinar applications like ninja and Webinar Jam – It’s easy to operate that will help you in standard to generate thousands of dollars.

    Make a Great Introduction while starting

    Mainly there are three parts to every webinar. Those are the introduction, The main part like the presentation/key points, and the final one is a sales pitch.

    Likewise, I’ll share some examples, the first thing you know, right? Introduce yourself. Along with discussions about the session topic. My webinar which is called “How to start blogging & make extra 1000$ per month”

    The second thing is to continue with the above I need to discuss and present about Blogging career as a beginner to continue from where and how to step by step. Attach your real story so that audience can feel it.

    The final example is in a sales pitch. Here this step is crucial because the audience can fall into think. The better you convince them that they have this grand new opportunity for everyone. Show them that anyone can do this and find success. Typically, you will through in someone's real story who was inspired by your previous webinars and how a student found success by start writing blog posts. Then only there will be more chance from the audience that fell them as changed webinars for me. 

    In what way you can deliver Your main points

    A webinar is not a teaching process. An expert Russel Brunson says “Webinars are about breaking down barriers to purchase.” So, every point of your presentation should break down a barrier to purchase.

    For example, the first point should be why 99% of bloggers do not succeed. By asking that you only reply to them because people believe bloggers are talented by birth, they won’t believe that blogging is nothing but writing and it is a skill that enhances learning abilities.

    Once you completed the main presentation which would take 20 to 30 minutes then move towards the sales portion.

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    How to reach the sale on a webinar

    After following all the points we discussed above, it’s time to dip into the selling part. Ask your audience “If you follow all the points which I discussed with you in the last 30 minutes, did you get confident you could get success as a _________?”

    Fill the blank with your niche that maybe you are teaching how to become a stock trader or real estate agent. for me, I fill that blank with “Blogger.”

    If you get a positive response then only introduce your product!

    Even though discussing all of those, I want to put here 8 Main points that you should remember.

    1. Know your Audience's interest
    2. Try to get personal
    3. Provide always quality content and deliver what you promised
    4. Find the best webinar software that provides features your business needs
    5. Realize they need your service
    6. Stay on time
    7. Make an Offer on your product
    8. Keep pricing simple

    I’ll just explain it to you in one line so that you will get an idea.

    • Make sure you are with the right people on the webinar because there will be a lesser chance of success if you are with the wrong people.
    • Make sure that you are speaking to the audience directly and try to include your personal story from struggles to turning points.
    • The third point itself is understandable. Always focus on quality content and deliver complete information.
    • Find the best webinar software like everwebinar or if you notice the start of this article has discussed 2 more software names.
    • Do a Q&A session in each webinar you conduct so that people can understand their needs to make it urgent to buy your service.
    • You as a mentor be on time before you start the webinar because time is crucial to people. So mostly try to complete your webinar sessions in an hour.
    • Keep pricing simple for your product. Affordable and detailed in pricing.
    • Include offers or discounts and make sure that put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Give them what they want, not what you think they want.


    Webinars are an amazing way to generate money with your knowledge and can maximize profits for yourself. This article will encourage and put in place with strategies discussed in this article. Whether you go with paid or free webinars that promote online courses or products, this article can confident that you will be become to earn money faster and more consistently than before. I wish you all the best!

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    Queries solved in this article.

    Paid Webinars

    Product Demo Webinars

    Webinars Promoting Online Courses

    Revenue Boosting Best Practices for Your Webinars

    Adopt a webinar cycle approach

    Eye-Catching Visuals Are Important

    Add Elements of Urgency and Scarcity

    Earn Money with Webinars

    Why Webinars Actually Work

    The Tools I Use for a Good Webinar

    How To Make a Great Webinar Introduction

    How To Deliver Your Main Points

    How To Close the Sale on a Webinar

    Make Money from Webinars = Deliver Impact

    Distinguish “Inform” and “Perform.”

    Segment – and Strategically Place – Question Times.

    Provide Pre, Post, and During Materials.

    Establish a Consistent Look and Feel.

    Leverage Multiple Delivery Channels.

    Keep It Timeless

    Two bonus tips

    Don’t skimp on preparation and practice

    If you want to sell it, don’t call it a Webinar.

    Know Your Audience

    Get Personal

    Deliver What You Promised

    Craft An Offer People Can’t Resist

    Create A Sense Of Urgency

    Stay On Time

    Pro tip

    Keep Pricing Simple

    Find A Good Webinar Software That Fits Your Business Needs

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